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Students arrive at the College aiming to excel academically and secure a place on a course at their preferred university or apprenticeship. Aligned with our vision of "Education With A Purpose," we embrace a goal-driven approach, focusing on attaining top A-Level/GCSE results and delivering excellent end outcomes. We achieve this with exceptional teaching, small classes and individual attention and help for every pupil.

Our students describe the college atmosphere as warm, friendly and incredibly welcoming. In both the classroom and the common room, our dedicated staff provides exceptional guidance and support, ensuring that students enjoy their time with us and achieve their personal and academic objectives.

In addition to the supportive environment and diverse extracurricular offerings, we maintain a balanced approach with regular homework assignments and Assessment Practice, all closely monitored by personal tutors.

Our specialist careers teachers offer assistance with every aspect of the university application process. Both myself and David Williams (Vice-Principal and former Principal at Leighton Park School) are closely involved in each student's university application. Notably, our staff includes four teachers who have previously served as Headteachers and one who has held the position of Head of Sixth Form. Their wealth of experience and leadership skills further enrich the educational experience at Edgbaston College.

Situated in the leafy suburb of Edgbaston, Birmingham, our campus spans two beautifully restored period buildings. The charming yet central location is in close proximity to the University of Birmingham, and our students benefit from excellent bus and train connections.

If you are interested in learning more about Edgbaston College, please do not hesitate to contact us. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you.

Owais Ahmed

Edgbaston College102


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