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Business at Edgbaston College  

Business looks at the theories and ideas that underlie Business decisions and the practical application of these. Students gain a practical understanding of the working of a variety of businesses and develop the ability to analyse businesses via case studies to offer interpretations of business practice and advice on how to improve the current situation.


Unit Modules Weighting Length
Paper 1 Business 1 33% 2h
Paper 2 Business 2 33% 2h
Paper 3 Business 3 33% 2h

Good Subject Combinations

The broad nature of A Level Business means that it is an excellent complement to most other A Level courses offered at the College. There are significant overlaps with other Social Sciences such as Economics, Geography, Sociology, Government and Politics but also with other subjects such as Psychology, Media Studies, Drama and even Art. The importance of critical thinking skills is shared with English and the need for quantitative analysis makes A Level Mathematics a valuable combination.

Future Prospects

The theory taught in A Level Business is useful in all future prospects. A working knowledge of the way businesses operate will always be helpful in your career; as an entrepreneur or employee. However, there are a wide range of Business related higher education qualifications; many of which are joint honours degrees involving another subject. These are particularly valuable in the modern business world as are business degrees involving an international dimension in the form of an internship abroad. 

All this indicates that A Level Business can be a staging post for both university and the working world.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to study A-Level Business and A-Level Economics together as two of my three A-Level subjects?

Yes, but some Russell Group universities have a preference for economics whilst other Russell Group universities discourage students from studying both business and economics together as A-Levels.

This is something best discussed with the college and your specific university ambitions. 

Can Business be completed in one year?

Yes. This is typically done when:

  • Students who are retaking their A-Levels
  • Students who wish to complete the course in one intensive year  

Do you offer other exam boards for Retake students?

We try our best to cater for all student needs. Please contact admissions for further information.