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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Please note that all tuition has moved online. We will only be offering Individual Online Tuition at a discounted rate of £30/hr (from £40/hr) until further notice. A full statement by Owais is available below. 


Dear Parent/Student, 

The current Coronavirus pandemic means we're all faced with unprecedented circumstances, affecting our social, physical and economic wellbeing. Edgbaston College wishes everyone good health and safety through this difficult and uncertain time. We will continue to operate and play our part in helping students achieve their academic ambitions. 

Following guidance from the government, we have had to stop all Small Group and Individual sessions taking place in-person. It is unlikely that we will again be able to offer sessions in-person this academic year. Edgbaston College will instead be offering Online Individual Tuition to help keep our students on track academically. 

With schools now closed indefinitely, we realise the disruption the pandemic is causing to students' and parents’ lives. There is a greater need, now more than ever, in creating a balanced structure at home that keeps students focused but unstressed, and with the right balance of learning and ‘free’ time. Whilst most schools are already doing their best to provide materials, we understand more students than ever need additional help in staying on top of their studies. In addition to providing tuition, our tutors will aim to help students structure their studies whilst schools are shut.

In regards to exam cancellations for Yr 11 and Yr 13 students, results will now be awarded based upon mixture of teacher assessment (mocks exams, non-exam assessment) and prior attainment. Given exam boards have stated that the "distribution of grades will follow a similar pattern to that in other years”, it is quite possible that a lot of students may not get the grades they would’ve otherwise achieved. It is therefore our recommendation that students continue to study as they may wish to take up the opportunity to sit exams early next academic year.

We will be offering Online Individual tuition at a discounted rate of £30/hr (from £40/hr) as we understand parents may experience financial uncertainty during this period. Edgbaston College will continue to offer English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Economics tuition. In addition to this, we will now also offer French tuition; this will be done by Emma, who recently graduated with an MBBChir in Medicine from the University of Cambridge.

Please email on or call us on 0121 306 0182 to further discuss your requirements.

Kind regards

Owais Ahmed