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Edgbaston College offers Online Small Group Tuition to students attending other schools and colleges. Provided by our qualified and experienced teachers, this supplementary tuition can help students fill any knowledge gaps and significantly improve their grades, achieving exam success. 



Our Online Group Tuition is provided by our qualified teachers with years of experience — the majority of whom teach full-time in our sixth form college. The teachers and college have a proven record of academic excellence. Over the years, we have helped many students achieve top grades, allowing them to receive offers from prestigious courses and universities. 



Group Tuition is provided live online in small classes of up to six students. This is an ideal class-size online, allowing for a high degree of individual attention whilst allowing lots of class discussion and interaction, ensuring an optimal learning experience.

Classes run during term-time throughout the academic year and follow a structured scheme of work which is provided to students upon enrolment. Lessons typically focus on exam technique and area of the respective subject that students usually struggle on. Where necessary, schemes of work are exam-board specific. Please contact us for further information about this. 

All teaching materials are provided by the college. All students will be provided with a login to our Microsoft Teams Portal, where their lessons will take place.

Students are set regular timed assessments and reports are provided to parents/guardians, highlighting areas of development. 


Subjects Offered


  • Mathematics (1h/week)
  • English (1h/week)
  • Biology (40min/week)
  • Physics (40min/week)
  • Chemistry (40min/week)


  • Biology (1.5h/week)
  • Chemistry (1.5h/week)
  • Physics (1.5h/week)
  • Economics (1.5h/week)
  • Mathematics (1.5h/week)

In order to book a place, please complete the online enquiry form which is available at the top of this page or call us with any specific questions you may have. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the sessions take place?

Lessons are typically on Saturday mornings or weekday evenings to ensure students can attend outside their typical school hours. 

For exact timings, please call us on 0121 306 0182 or fill our the enquiry form at the top of this page. 

Can I still join once the course has started?

Students are still able to join part-way through the course, but we recommend joining at the start of the course where possible. 

Do you set homework?

Regular timed assessments will be set through our Microsoft Teams portal. The results and feedback from these assessments will be forwarded to guardians/parents. 

Which exam boards do you cover?

For some subjects, assessed content is almost identical across many exam boards. In this scenario, our teaching is not exam board specific. 

However, for some subjects, such as A-Level Sciences, there is more variation in assessed content. In this situation, we would offer exam-board specific teaching. 

Exam Boards offered:

A-level Chemistry: AQA

A-Level Biology: AQA and OCR

A-Level Physics: AQA

Will students get 1-1 help?

Our very small classes are capped at a maximum of 6 students. Very often there will be even fewer students in each online class. This ensures that each student receives the undivided help and attention that they need.

In addition to this, students will receive regular feedback through the timed assessments they are set. 

If greater levels of attention are needed beyond this, we recommend our Individual Tuition.

How much does the Group Tuition cost?

Group Tuition is priced at £22/h and payments are due termly. 

Whilst we do not offer any discounts or free trials, the first lesson can be paid for on a one-off basis to ensure students are happy with the sessions. Following this, payments are due termly.