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Religious Studies at Edgbaston College  

Religious Studies ensures students have a thorough understanding of diverse philosophical and ethical viewpoints. With a variety of relevant and contemporary themes studied students will find themselves engaged with interesting discussions. Religious Studies will help you develop both academically and personally, by helping you to analyse complex questions and create informed opinions on them.


Unit Modules Weighting Length
Component 1  Philosophy of religion and ethics 50% 3h
Component 2  Study of religion and dialogues 50% 3h

Good Subject Combinations

Religious Studies complements all subjects at A Level. 

Future Prospects

The course is suitable for students who want to go on to study Law, Philosophy and Theology at university. Its ethical content also makes it an ideal accompaniment to the sciences for those interested in a career in Medicine. It provides an interesting contrast with subjects such as Chemistry and Physics, and shows you to be a student of many skills, making you more desirable to employers and universities.     

Frequently Asked Questions


Which religion do you cover in component 2?

Christianity is usually covered as part of component 2. 

Can Religious Studies be completed in one year?

Yes. This is typically done when:

  • Students who are retaking their A-Levels
  • Students who wish to complete the course in one intensive year  

Do you offer other exam boards for Retake students?

We try our best to cater for all student needs. Please contact admissions for further information.