How We Teach

Teaching Method

Edgbaston College’s teaching approach is interactive and refreshingly informal. Our small group tutorial-based system allows for discussion-based learning, which is characterised by active participation and increased individual attention.  

Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process at every stage. Course material is taught in a clear and direct way, with careful review and continual practice of previous examination questions. Teachers ensure that students develop a good set of notes and encourage systematic revision. Time is also allowed for an overall subject review as the examinations approach, in order to check understanding and enable further exam practice. 

From the start, students are provided with an overview of the entire course enabling them to see how the different topics interconnect; making it easier to master the subject. Teacher class-notes, questions and models of worked examples are all available at the end of every lesson. This allows students to review work at their own pace and also to catch-up in case of absences.  

We place a strong emphasis on exams and examination technique from the very start. Teachers use relevant past paper questions within class as well as for homework and tests. In addition to this, almost all our teachers are current or past examiners and their training enhances their ability to pick up on nuances that, in the exam, can be the difference between a grade. 

Teaching Groups

A key part of the Edgbaston College learning environment is that an active learning style is encouraged and each student may be asked to present material and exchange views with others. This is followed by guidance from the teacher on the interpretation, manipulation and analysis of the material. Preparation is required.

Teaching groups consist of no more than 10 students in A-Level groups. This small group size enables close discussion of each topic whilst still allowing a high degree of personal attention.

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