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About Us

About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose as a college is to provide a transformational learning experience, enabling our students to realise their full potential. Becoming a doctor, lawyer, dentist or even an industry leader; whatever a student’s ambition may be, each is well catered for and equally valued at Edgbaston College. 

In order to help students achieve these ambitions, Edgbaston College focuses on three core areas: 

  • Academic rigour
  • Personal development
  • Career focus

Academic Rigour: We aim to maintain an environment of academic excellence through a variety of avenues. We offer small group sizes, with an average of four per class. This allows us to provide high quality lessons, which are led by our experienced tutors. The progress of each student is closely monitored, with weekly tests and individualised programmes made for everyone. This focus on achieve academic excellence allows every student to be confident and meet their full potential in the subjects they pursue. 

Personal Development: We believe personal development is a very important aspect of our students’ education. As a result, the college provides an academic and social atmosphere closer to that of a university; where there is academic rigour but in an informal and friendly environment. Students are also promoted to focus on hobbies and extra-curricular activities – allowing them to grow as individuals. 

Career Focus: At Edgbaston College, we greatly encourage students to think about their future ambitions. In addition to helping students gain places on leading courses and universities, we also place a focus on their future life and career. This allows our students to be able to fulfil their true potential in their future prospects. 

That is why we have created our ‘Pathway Programmes’, which assist students in getting into Oxbridge and prestigious careers such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Banking.

Our History

Edgbaston College has a history dating back to 2012, when founders Owais and Umar originally started tutoring. Over time, our dedication to providing quality teaching and pastoral care has allowed us to grow and in 2015, Edgbaston College was formally established. By 2019, in order to cater for an increasing demand and expansion of our services, we moved to a larger location on Hagley Road.