Admissions Requirements

Edgbaston College is an academically selective, inclusive learning community whose main principle governing student admission is whether the student will benefit from the type of education that the school offers. 

Our primary admissions' criterion are:

  • To identify and admit students from all backgrounds who have met our academic standards and will benefit from an academic education at Edgbaston College. 
  • To admit students who will contribute to and benefit from the ethos and opportunities available at Edgbaston College. 
  • To treat all candidates fairly and sensitively. 

The exact number of available places can vary from year to year, and there is strong competition. The College admits students on a rolling basis and recommends applicants apply as early as possible.


Admissions Procedure

Places are subject to availability, and the student satisfying the admissions requirements at the time. Prospective applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. The admissions process is as follows: 

  1. Initial Contact: Interested applicants are encouraged to fill out an enquiry form online or call the admissions team on 0121 306 0182. Alternatively, you can also email the college with any questions at
  2. Consideration by the Principal: The Principal will then consider these details and decide whether to invite the applicant for an interview.
  3. The Interview: At the interview, the College will explore the applicant's academic potential, career aspirations, attitude towards the College, personal qualities, and ability to contribute to the College community.
  4. Post-Interview: After the applicant has attended an interview, it is time for them to make a decision: do they want to join our college? If they do, they should complete an Admissions Form. Upon receiving the form, the Principal will request a reference from the applicant's current school. Once the reference is received, we will be able to offer a place to successful candidates.
    *Offers may also be subject to satisfactory performance in GCSE/A-Level examinations
    **Applicants applying to our One-Year A-Level Retake Programme may be made a provisional offer at this stage, subject to a satisfactory reference.
  5. Confirming A Place: Once a place has been offered, the applicant will required to return the Admissions Form, Registration Fee & Academic Deposit.

Admissions Requirements

Exact offers will depend upon A-level subject choices. Where grades have already been achieved, offers will be made unconditionally. Please see below for details on expected academic performance.

Admission for A level (Two year programme/Five-Term A-Level/Transfer into Year 13)

The College does not have a rigid admissions policy and prefers is to evaluate student suitability against admissions criterion on an individual basis, where possible. 

However, in general we would expect an average GCSE point score of 6.5/Mid-B (or equivalent) across all subjects sat. We would also typically expect students to achieve a grade A/7 at GCSE in subjects related to their A-level choices. 

Admission for A Level Retake (One year programme)

The College does not have a rigid admissions policy and prefers is to evaluate student suitability against admissions criterion on an individual basis, where possible. 

In the case of students resitting their A-levels, the college looks particularly carefully at what happened during their first sitting so that improvements can be made. We look for students who are motivated to improve their university/career prospects and are capable of achieving a grade A*/A in subjects they are looking to sit at the college. 


Frequently Asked Questions


We do not accept GCSE resits and will consider your first GCSE attempt (and in one sitting).

A-Level resits are considered for all programmes.

Mitigating circumstances

We would advise applicants to speak with their school or exam centre about any mitigating circumstances that may affect their results, so that Exam Boards can apply any special consideration.

Edgbaston College's policy is that such mitigating factors are a matter for the Exam Boards and should be considered at the time of the exams rather than retrospectively by the College.

We do not make changes to course entry requirements in response to mitigating circumstances.

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