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Edgbaston College has a strong track record of helping our A-Level retake students gain entry into competitive Medicine courses, both in the UK and internationally. Every aspiring Medicine applicant joins our Medicine Pathway Programme, which allows students to be prepared at every step of the process. This is led by Dr Eman Butt, a recent University of Cambridge graduate, who has helped many students succeed in getting into Medicine over the years. Edgbaston College runs courses and one-to-one sessions for: optimising a student’s university choices, UCAT/BMAT preparation, personal statement expertise and interview practice. This helps students to gain advantageous positions and smoothly gain entry into Medicine courses.

In 2021, despite the higher competition ratios for applicants this year, 15 of our students have successfully received places to study Medicine in the UK as retake applicants. 


Can I retake my A-Levels and still get into Medicine?


Whilst not every medical school will consider retake students, there are still a wide range of universities who do. Please see the table below for information on each university's policy. 

However, having extenuating circumstances during your exams is likely to mean that you are eligible to apply for even more medical schools than the ones listed in the table below. 

A-Level resits in 2022

Medical schools may alter their policies for students looking to resit their A-Levels in the 2021/22 academic year as a result of exam cancellations and students being awarded Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs). We will have to wait to see the approach universities take in the coming months. The table below will be updated accordingly. 

Due to awarding Centre Assessed Grades in Summer 2020, this meant many universities relaxed their retake policies and did not count any student as a 'retake'. However, this also meant that applying to medicine had much higher competition ratios. This is likely to be similar for the application process in 2021. 

How can Edgbaston College help me?

Applying to Medicine has many components, including your GCSE and A level grades, as well as your UCAT/BMAT score. Every student is different in terms of their strengths and weaknesses on their application. Also, it is important to note that not every university will consider retake students for their Medicine course. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn the minimum requirements of the universities you wish to apply to, in order to maximise your chances of an interview. 

Edgbaston College helps students:

  • Choose the most appropriate universities based on the individual. We consider the strength of different areas of your application. For example, it is important to understand how individual universities differently weight application components like A-Level results, GCSE results and UCAT scores. 
  • Prepare for their UCAT/BMAT exams, both in group and one-to-one sessions
  • Prepare their personal statement
  • Prepare for their interview, personalised to the university 

I cannot thank Eman enough, she helped me choose the best universities for my application. I went from four rejections to four interviews as a retake student and secured my top choice to study Medicine.

Subhan Shah - medicine at Aston University

Can I get into Foundation Medicine as a retake student?


We often help retake students secure offers to study Foundation Programme courses. These courses guarantee places onto the medical school's Medicine programme. In order to apply to Foundation Medicine courses, students typically need to meet the widening participation criteria at various universities.  We have helped Foundation programme applicants succeed at places such as King's College London, Southampton and Liverpool.

Resit Policy Table

Only universities who have confirmed they will accept retake students will be added to the table below.

Most universities allow retaking your A-Levels if you have extenuating circumstances. Therefore, universities that only allow students with extenuating circumstances to reapply have not been included in this table. 

*Table updated 22/05/2021

University Retake Offer Retake Policy
Anglia Ruskin AAA A Level resit grades at AAA will be accepted within two academic years prior to the time of application (at first sitting applicants should have achieved AAB or BBB for a Widening Access to Medicine (WAMS) application)
Aston AAA Applicants who have resat, or are resitting GCSEs, A Levels, or equivalent qualifications, with or without repeating an academic year, will be considered. The referee must provide a brief explanation of the reason (s) for the resit in the UCAS reference
Brighton & Sussex AAA

Only consider applications from applicants who have slipped a grade in one subject and obtained a grade B

Anyone below grades AAB after two years of study, or who is not predicted a grade A in your re-sit, would only be eligible to apply once receiving grades AAA

Bristol AAA The department will consider applicants who resit their qualifications
Buckingham AAA

Applicants who attain BBB at their first A Level attempt can apply with a resit.
Applicants with lower grades at their first A Level attempt and significant mitigation can apply after they have attained the required grades of ABB

Edge Hill AAA Resits of GCSE or A-levels (or equivalent) either with or without mitigation are accepted. However, applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements in the resit examinations
Exeter AAA Accepts retake students
Hull & York AAA Applications are welcome if you achieved at least BBB at a first sitting and are taking one additional year to achieve AAA or equivalent
Keele AAA You need to wait until after you resit and attain your grades to apply as a retake student
Lancaster AAA You must have achieved at least ABB in your A-Levels at the first attempt
Leicester AAA Need AAB or ABB in the first sitting. You can resit up to two subjects
Lincoln AAA Must achieve at least ABB in first sit with the A in either Biology or Chemistry
Liverpool A*AA/AAA Resits accepted. However, offers may be higher than standard AAA entry offer
Manchester A*AA Must attain at least BBB in first-sit
Newcastle A*AA Can only retake one A-Level. A* required in the subject being retaken
Norwich A*AA At least ABB/AAC in first sit. A* required in one subject being retaken
Nottingham AAA Must achieve at least ABB in first sit with the A in either Biology or Chemistry
Plymouth AAA At least ABB in first-sit
Queens Belfast A*AA or AAA + A in AS

Normally only those who had applied to study Medicine at Queen’s at the first attempt and held an offer (if made) as their Conditional Firm choice are considered

Sheffield AAA Accepts A Level resits.  Any and all A Level resits must be taken in the same sitting and only one resit per A Level is permitted
Southampton AAA Only one resit allowed per subject
Sunderland AAA At least AAB in first-sit