5 Term A-Level

The 5-Term (18 Month) A-Level Course begins in January of the Lower Sixth Year. Thanks to extra tuition hours, students finish the first half of each A-Level subject within their first two terms. This allows them to complete the last academic year at a normal pace during the remaining three terms. They then take their final A-Level exams in June, alongside students in the standard 2-Year (6-term) A-Level program.

Our teachers have helped many students achieve top grades, allowing them to receive offers to prestigious universities and courses. Lessons are taught in small group sizes, which allows classes to be tailored to the individual students’ understanding, and means students are more engaged in their learning. Regular assessments are also key to our curriculum, allowing the progress of each student to be carefully monitored. Furthermore, many of our teachers are also A-Level examiners, ensuring students learn essential content and master exam techniques.


What Edgbaston College offers:

  • Exceptional grades: Students consistently achieving outstanding A-Level exam results.(76% A*-B in 2023)
  • Tailored service: We thoroughly review every student's situation prior to joining, designing a bespoke learning programme to help them achieve their career and academic goals.
  • Individual attention: Our average class size is seven students per class. This ensures students get the attention they need. Each student has regular one-to-one sessions with their personal tutor and subject teacher(s) to assess their progress.
  • Specialist university placement: One-to-one expert guidance by experienced teachers and Pathway Programme mentors. We support students throughout the entire application process and the benefit of this support is evident in our excellent Leaver's Destinations
  • Exam-focused: We prioritise exam preparation and stand out from other schools and colleges by doing so. Our approach involves weekly assessments, ensuring students develop the necessary skills and knowledge for outstanding exam performance.
  • Supportive environment: As a family-run Sixth Form College, we offer a personal, socially relaxed and supportive environment where every student is encouraged to be ambitious and work towards their goals.
  • Extra-curriculars: The College also offers a stimulating extra-curricular programme which includes the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, a range of charity fundraising activities, debating society, football and other sports, a student council, frequent visits to theatres, art galleries and exhibitions


Course Structure

Students study three A-Level subjects over five Terms. The 5 Term A-Level course starts in January of Year 12 and students sit their final A-Level examinations at the end of the following academic year. Students have the flexibility to choose any combination of A-Level subjects offered.

The programme itself is intensive with the academic structure as follows:

  • Students may study between one and four subjects
  • Full in-depth coverage of the specification;
  • Weekly timed assessments based on past papers; allowing for continued performance monitoring
  • Two full sets of mock examinations each academic year


Benefit of doing a 5-Term A-Level Course

A significant advantage of this program is that students can continue their education without a nine-month delay.

Like our two-year A-Level students, Edgbaston College offers the same advice, guidance, and support for university choices and applications to our five-term A-Level students, in addition to their regular lessons.


University & Career Placement

Edgbaston College is dedicated to fulfilling its vision of offering education with a purpose. To achieve this, we've established a world-class career service, focused on providing individualised care and attention for each student's personal development and career applications. We ensure this by:

  • Facilitating regular career meetings for students through Edgbaston Education, our leading education advisory and consultancy service, run by Edgbaston College.
  • Significant involvement of our Principal, Owais Ahmed, offering his career expertise and support as needed.
  • Assisting students in securing relevant work experience, enhancing both their university applications and CVs.
  • Conducting fortnightly personal development sessions for Year 12 students, coupled with regular career-focused trips and inviting guest speakers into the College.

The College, in collaboration with Edgbaston Education, excels in guiding students through highly competitive applications, including those applying for Oxbridge, Medicine and Dentistry. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive support to navigate these demanding application processes successfully. The effectiveness of this support is reflected in our exceptional Leaver's Destinations below.

Leavers' Destinations


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