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At Edgbaston College, we are deeply committed to our ethos of providing "education with a purpose." We firmly believe in equipping our students with not only academic knowledge but also the necessary skills and guidance for their future careers and university aspirations. To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive career service program, which includes:

1. Fortnightly Personal Development Sessions: We conduct regular sessions every two weeks focusing on personal growth and development. These sessions are designed to enhance soft skills, such as communication and leadership, which are crucial for career success.

2. Regular One-on-One Career Meetings: Each student benefits from personalised career guidance from our expert team of careers advisors (including the Principal, Owais Ahmed). These sessions are tailored to help students identify their career goals and plan the steps required to achieve them.

3. Termly Career-Oriented Trips: In addition to the general enrichment trips, we organise termly trips specifically focused on careers. These trips are aimed at providing students with insights into different industries and professions, enhancing their understanding of various career paths.

4. Bespoke One-on-One Support for Complex Applications: For students applying for complex and competitive courses or universities we offer specialised assistance in collaboration with our world-class consultancy, Edgbaston Education. We provide expert guidance for applications to prestigious institutions like Oxbridge, US Colleges, or demanding fields such as Medicine. Our support extends to challenging courses requiring additional exams like the STEP, ensuring students are comprehensively prepared and equipped for success.

5. Assistance in Finding Relevant Work Experience: We understand the value of practical experience in shaping a student's career trajectory. Hence, we actively assist in securing relevant work placements, providing students with invaluable real-world exposure.

6. Regular Guest Speakers: Our program regularly features guest speakers from various fields. These experts share insights about their industries, offer career advice, and inspire students through their personal success stories.

Through providing an all-encompassing Careers Programme, Edgbaston College ensures that our students are not only academically proficient but also well-prepared for their future careers and university endeavours.

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