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How We Teach

At Edgbaston College, we prioritise an interactive and dynamic teaching approach. Our classes, limited to a maximum of 10 students, foster a discussion-rich environment that not only allows for individual attention but also promotes peer-to-peer learning. This small group format is key in facilitating in-depth exploration of subjects and concepts.

From the outset, our teaching methodology is exam-focused. We integrate past exam questions into lessons, homework & assessment, ensuring students develop strong examination techniques. Additionally, many of our teachers are examiners, bring invaluable insights into the nuances of exam questions, helping students gain that extra edge.

Students are equipped with comprehensive learning tools including weekly Learning Overviews. These provide clarity on weekly topics, homework, and upcoming assessments, ensuring students stay informed and prepared. Post-class, we share all class notes online and offer Workbooks for out-of-class study, enhancing the continuity of learning.

Our commitment to effective learning and revision skills is paramount. Teachers guide students in enhancing their study and revision strategies. Furthermore, through regular individual subject-teacher meetings with each student, teachers ensure consistent progress checks. This approach keeps students on track and provides full support during their academic journey.

Edgbaston College offers dedicated one-on-one support with subject-teachers for students in need of extra assistance, at no additional cost. This ensures that if a student faces challenges or falls behind due to mitigating circumstances, we are fully prepared to help them catch up and succeed.

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