Our Academic Scholarships offer the most academically gifted students the opportunity to enjoy Edgbaston College’s unique educational environment irrespective of their financial circumstances. We strongly recommend submitting your application early, as the number of scholarships awarded annually is limited.


Academic Scholarship Eligibility 

To be eligible for any level of scholarship you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Seek entry to Year 12 in September or January and sit A-Levels for the first time
  • Be classed as a domestic student for fee purposes
  • Be sitting at least 6 GCSEs in one-sitting. All GCSEs considered towards a scholarship must be sat in one sitting


Scholarships Available

A finite number of Academic Scholarships are granted to students entering Year 12 in September each year. Scholarships are awarded during the admissions process, and current students are ineligible for retrospective awards. Once all Academic Scholarships for the year have been allocated, no additional offers will be extended.

Scholarship award levels are as follows:

  • 15% reduction in tuition fees for students who achieve at least seven Grade 7s (As) or higher at GCSE (or equivalent)
  • 30% reduction in tuition fees for students who achieve at least six Grade 8s (A*s) or higher at GCSE (or equivalent)

Scholarship awards are contingent upon students meeting their scholarship requirements and presenting predicted grades from their current school that meet or exceed the minimum scholarship award level. 


Additional Information

Scholarships apply exclusively to tuition fees and do not cover boarding fees or other costs (admissions fees, exam entry fees, etc.).

Candidates do not need to apply for a scholarship but will be identified at interview stage.

All scholarship awards are granted at the discretion of the Principal, whose decisions are final. Scholars bear the responsibility of maintaining a positive attitude and demonstrating exemplary behaviour throughout their time at Edgbaston College. 

The College's admissions requirements are separate to any Scholarship requirements.

Scholarship Obligations

Upon accepting the scholarship awarded by Edgbaston College, recipients are obligated to adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Maintain an average attendance of 95% throughout the academic year and ensure punctuality at all times.

  2. Uphold a high standard of academic achievement, with a minimum of 75% average in each subject's Weekly Assessment Practice (AP).

  3. Understand that the college reserves the right to review the scholarship in the event of receiving a college sanction.

  4. Actively participate in free college activities and events.

  5. Represent the college by exemplifying an exemplary attitude and behaviour, and attend college promotional events when requested.

  6. End of Year Mock results must contain a minimum of AAA to maintain the full scholarship. If results are lower than this a partial scholarship for the A2 year may be offered or the scholarship may be withdrawn should attainment fall below AAB.

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