Reporting to Parents

At Edgbaston College, we are dedicated to ensuring that every student enjoys their course and reaches their full potential. Recognising the crucial role of parents in this journey, we emphasize both formal and informal communication with parents and guardians, keeping them regularly informed about their child’s progress. Our approach to reporting to parents is structured as follows:

  1. Reports: After each set of mock exams, we send out half-termly reports. These reports offer detailed insights into the student’s academic performance, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement.

  2. Parents' Evenings: Held twice a year, these evenings provide a valuable opportunity for parents to engage directly with teachers, discuss their child’s progress, and gain a deeper understanding of their academic journey.

  3. Parent Portal: Our Parent Portal is a comprehensive online tool that gives parents access to essential information about their child's education. It includes:

    • Timetable: Overview of the student’s daily schedule.
    • Attendance: Records of the student’s attendance.
    • Punctuality: Information on the student’s timeliness.
    • Assessment Scores: Results from APs and Mocks.
    • Half-Termly Reports: Detailed academic reports.
    • Newsletters: Monthly updates on college news and events.
  4. Ad-Hoc Conversations: We encourage open communication between parents and teachers. Should there be any concerns or additional queries, parents can arrange ad-hoc conversations with teachers at a mutually agreed time.

This structured approach ensures parents are well-informed and actively engaged in their child's education at Edgbaston College.

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