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Our Mission & Approach

Our Mission: Education with a Purpose 

At Edgbaston College, our core mission is simple. To ensure students achieve top A-Level grades whilst equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for excellent universities and careers outcomes

Education With A Purpose

Our Approach 

To achieve our mission, Edgbaston College ensures it delivers: 

  • Expert Teaching: Our teachers are highly skilled and dedicated to providing exceptional teaching tailored to meet each student's unique needs and aspirations. A full 

  • Constant Feedback: We give students constant feedback and support, helping them continuously improve and succeed in their academic, personal and careers pursuits. 

  • Modern & Forward-Thinking: Our culture is designed to be modern and forward-thinking, like our vision for students. We stay on top of new educational theories globally and embrace technological advancements, inside and outside the classroom. 

  • Career-Focused: We focus on personal growth and career aspirations with regular career meetings, often with the Principal, Owais Ahmed. Personal development sessions build skills like teamwork, leadership, communication, and managing relationships, shaping our students into the future leaders they are. 


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