Smashing Expectations: Ojas Mishra Rises to Squash Greatness

Success in sports requires talent, dedication, and relentless hard work. For one of our exceptional college students, Ojas Mishra, his journey in the world of squash has been nothing short of inspiring. With an extraordinary combination of talent and determination, Ojas has done extremely well to juggle academics and squash seamlessly.  

In early October, Ojas participated in the European Silver Squash Event in Sweden, an internationally ranked Squash competition. Amongst 64 competitors, Ojas secured 20th place, showcasing the remarkable performance against the best U17 players across Europe.

As a representative of Warwickshire and the West Midlands, he has been steadily climbing the ranks, currently holding the 24th position in the U17s Male category in England. When asked about his future aspirations in squash, Ojas expressed his desire to someday represent the nation and attain top spot in the English rankings.  

Ojas is currently preparing for the upcoming British Closed Squash Tournament scheduled for later this year. This event typically draws a significant turnout of around 500 participants across all age groups. To prepare for such competitions, he dedicates himself to rigorous training, maintains a healthy diet, and ensures adequate rest just before the tournament. Ojas also shared that, to manage the pressure of competing at a high level, he concentrates on addressing one point at a time.  

Despite his focus on excelling in his A-levels, he adeptly manages to strike balance between his academic pursuits and his commitment to squash, he aspires to attend a university that will allow him to actively participate in competitive squash while pursuing his higher education.  

It's remarkable the success he has had so far, and we wish him well in his future squash career! 

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