College Chronicles: Reflecting on A Remarkable First Term

Epic Adventures: Year 12s Take on London  

Our year 12 students embarked on an educational and cultural expedition to the heart of England – London. Students enjoyed their visit to the Natural History Museum, marvelling at the latest addition to the collection – the newly acquired lunar meteorite. The enthusiasm continued as the year 12s explored the city’s festive Christmas displays.  

Year 14s Shift Gears: Go Karting Extravaganza  

The go-karting event saw year 14 students unleashing spirited competition. Their skilful manoeuvres and strategic overtakes showcased a relentless determination for victory, outpacing the staff’s valiant efforts. The event highlighted not only their impressive driving skills but also their unmatched zeal for friendly competition, leaving the staff in awe of their competitive prowess. 

Mini Golf Magic: A Hole-in-One Experience  

Embarking on the academic year, we initiated a spirited competition on the mini golf course, where students put their precision to the test. Laughter, camaraderie and the occasional lucky shot made the trip an enjoyable respite from the rigors of academia.  

Architects of Sweet Success: Gingerbread House Competition 

In the spirit of festive creativity, a number of our students participated in a gingerbread house competition that turned the college into a sugary wonderland. The intricate designs and attention to detail left our judging panel in awe.  

Navigating the Future: UCAS Triumphs and Career Sessions  

Our early applicant students have begun to see notable success, with interviews being offered, their journey to higher education is well underway. Our students have actively participated in enlightening career sessions, gaining valuable insights into potential paths and opportunities that lie ahead.  

The college is looking forward to seeing what term 2 brings! 

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