Science Week Sparks Curiosity at Edgbaston College

Science week was very popular with students signing up to an array of sessions delving deeper into the science subjects. 

Monday - Animal Behaviour 

One of our biology teachers captivated our student's attention with an enlightening session, delving into captivating subjects around animal behaviour such as positive reinforcement. Students were curious, leading to an engaging exchange of ideas and thought-provoking questions.  

Tuesday – Physics is Fun when it works  

Our physics teacher led an engaging session showcasing the principles of physics, wherein students witnessed firsthand the mechanics of momentum through experiments employing everyday materials. From demonstrations involving basketballs to those with Newton’s cradle, our physics teacher left the students comparing physics to magic.  

Wednesday – Exhibition Chemistry  

The chemistry teacher demonstrated an exciting whoosh bottle experiment, illustrating how ethanol evaporates into fumes contained within a bottle. The demonstration was a thrilling display of scientific principles in action, delighting the students who eagerly observed.  

Thursday – CSI Edgbaston: Investigating the cause of death of Robbie the Rat 

Our second biology session saw the biology teacher presenting an in-depth rat dissection, explaining the various organs and biological composition of the rat. The aspiring medical students in our class were particularly engaged during this session. 

Friday – Beyond the Event Horizon: Unravelling the Mysteries of Black Holes  

Students were highly involved in the black hole session facilitated by our mathematics teacher. They actively posed questions throughout the discussion, demonstrating a keen interest in delving deeper into the complex topic. 

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