College Chronicles: Term 2 in Review

Year 12 – University Careers Trip – UK Universities & Apprenticeships Fair  

Our year 12 students embarked on an enriching journey to the UK Universities and Apprenticeship Fair, igniting their passion for higher education and career prospects. Students visited university stands, delving into diverse academic offerings and engaged with representatives from some of the top universities in the country.  

Our students attended an apprenticeship talk and visited stands belonging to some of the top apprenticeship companies, gaining first-hand knowledge about alternative pathways to their dream careers. This immersive experience not only shed light on university life but also empowered our year 12s to make informed decisions about their academic and professional future.  

Investment Banking talk  

Year 12 students recently got a taste of what life is like working for a top merchant bank in London. Lara Bennett, a final year PPE student at Durham University, has just secured a job with Rothschild & Co after completing a three-month internship with them during the summer.  

Students were given an insight into the requirements of such a prestigious job and were able to ask questions and gain knowledge of the demanding application process involved; all of which should prove incredibly useful for those interested in a future career in this sector. 

Cake making / bake sale  

Early on in term 2 students hosted a spirited bake sale blending competition and charity. From cupcakes to irresistible brownies, students showcased their baking talents. Student that took part in the baking competition were glad to see their peers sampling the goodies, knowing their purchases supported a good cause.  

Science Week  

Annual science week was a fusion of learning and fun for students and subject teachers who had the opportunity to show off a side to their subject that students can’t always see in the classroom.  

Teachers embarked on captivating talks and engaging demonstrations, spanning from explosive chemistry showcases to mind-bending physics phenomena. Students eagerly rolled up their sleeves, delving into experiments, formulating hypotheses, and collaborating to unravel the mysteries of science. 

Charity Events  

Students most favourite college event this term was an online games competition, where students battled each other for top spot all whilst donating to charity for a good cause.  

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