BB to A*A* - Medicine at KCL

Highly recommend for students wanting to resit Chemistry and Biology. I had personal help with lessons throughout the year, and the teachers were more than happy to sit down, explain and go through things with me. In particular, Umar - who taught Chemistry - put A LOT time and effort into answering exam questions outside of lesson time which was crucial to the exam period and a big factor in the A* I received as my result. I felt supported throughout the year by my biology teacher, who also worked as the Head Welfare officer. I can say the support she provided to all students was exception, and extremely valuable in encouraging positive mental health in the students - despite them facing challenges of many kinds (academic and non-academic). Owais - the principal - was also extremely encouraging to the students and able to offer very good advice. It was clear to me that students really wanting to turn their results around and work hard will be supported, even when feeling demotivated - as long as they are honest with the staff.

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