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Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many specialised fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin, and distribution. Our aim is to develop the students biological knowledge in relation to new advances in the field, and develop their practical skills.



Unit Modules Weighting Length
Paper 1 Topics 1-4 (including practical skills) 35% 2h
Paper 2 Topic 5-8 (including practical skills) 35% 2h
Paper 3 Topics 1-8 (including practical skills) 30% 2h

Good Subject Combinations

Biology is well intertwined with the other core sciences, such as Chemistry and Physics. The subject also has a strong practical element, thus Mathematics is often paired alongside it. Although A level Biology is not a requirement for many STEM subjects at university, it is a very popular choice amongst prospective students for university degrees such as Medicine, Pharmacy and Natural Sciences. Therefore, you may want to combine Biology with other relevant subjects to you, such as Sciences or Mathematics. 

Future Prospects

Biology develops valuable skills, including data management, analysis and research skills. You will also develop the ability to interpret and evaluate information, a skill that is useful throughout the job market. Although the Biology A level qualification is evidently useful for STEM subjects, including Medicine and Natural Sciences, the learned skills are also beneficial for most career paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Biology be completed in one year?

Yes. This is typically done when:

  • Students who are retaking their A-Levels
  • Students who wish to complete the course in one intensive year  

Do you offer other exam boards for Retake students?

We try our best to cater for all student needs. Please contact admissions for further information.

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