A Level Biology Easter Revision Course

A-Level Biology Course Structure

A-Level Biology
Course Length 27.5 Hours
Course Dates

Course 1: 25th March - 29th March 2024

Course Times 10:00 - 17:00
Fees £845
Exam Board AQA


A-Level Biology Revision Topic List

  • Biological molecules
  • Cells
  • Exchange
  • Genetic information and variation
  • Energy transfers
  • Response to change
  • Essay skills masterclass
  • Genetics, populations and ecosystems
  • Control of gene expression


Within each session each of the following aspects will be covered:

  • Biological Terminology
  • Hints and tips on how to learn the content
  • Understanding Key Concepts and Common Misconceptions
  • Exam question analysis and practice 


* Note: Due to the extensive nature of the specification content, not all sub-topics within each topic of the specification will be covered.  Priority will be given to topics which span the specification or underpin other sections; the ‘big ideas’.

**At the end of each day, students will complete a formal assessment. On the final day, students will do a longer-format full mock. 

How to Sign Up

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