Dental School Resit Policies

Edgbaston College has a strong track record of helping our A-Level retake students gain entry into Dentistry, both in the UK and internationally. Every aspiring dental applicant joins our Medicine & Dentistry Pathway Programme, which allows students to be prepared at every step of the process. This is led by Dr Eman Butt and Dr Smiji Saji, both University of Cambridge medical graduates. They have both helped our dental school applicants get exceptional end outcomes.

Edgbaston College provides a range of support to students looking to enter Dentistry. More information on our Dentistry Pathway Programme is available HERE. This helps students to gain advantageous positions and smoothly gain entry into Dentistry courses.

In 2023, despite very high competition, 5 of our students have successfully received places to study Dentistry in the UK as retake applicants. 


Can I retake my A-Levels and still get into Dentistry?


Whilst not every dental school will consider retake students, there are still a range of universities who do. Please see the table below for information on each university's policy. 

However, having extenuating circumstances during your exams is likely to mean that you are eligible to apply for even more dental schools than the ones listed in the table below. 


A-Level resits in 2023

For the first time in three years, students will be applying with examined (non-CAG/TAG awarded) GCSE grades. This could possibly lead to univerisites accepting a slightly weaker GCSE grade profile from applicants. 

At the same time, the number of 18 year olds in the UK continues to grow, driving up competitiveness for the course. Demand for spaces from international students also further increases competitiveness.


How can Edgbaston College help me?

Applying to Dentistry has many components, including your GCSE and A level grades, as well as your UCAT/BMAT score. Every student is different in terms of their strengths and weaknesses on their application. Also, it is important to note that not every university will consider retake students for their Dentistry course. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn the minimum requirements of the universities you wish to apply to, in order to maximise your chances of an interview. 

Edgbaston College helps students:

  • Choose the most appropriate universities based on the individual. We consider the strength of different areas of your application. For example, it is important to understand how individual universities differently weight application components like A-Level results, GCSE results and UCAT scores. 
  • Prepare for their UCAT/BMAT exams, both in group and one-to-one sessions
  • Prepare and review their personal statement
  • Prepare for their interview, personalised to the university 
  • Help in securing students suitable work experience


Owais, Principal, was  extremely encouraging to the students and able to offer very good advice with University applications. The College's support in helping me gain entry into Dentistry was second to none. Their Pathway Programme is very helpful with every step of the application process.

Kiertan Kumar - Dentistry AT KCL


Resit Policy Table

Only universities who have confirmed they will accept retake students will be added to the table below.

Most universities allow retaking your A-Levels if you have extenuating circumstances. Therefore, universities that only allow students with extenuating circumstances to reapply have not been included in this table. 

*Table updated 18/08/2023

University Retake Offer Retake Policy
Belfast AAA AAB at A-level or a maximum of one A- level grade below the standard accepted in the previous year, if lower.
Birmingham AAA Only with extenuating circumstances
Bristol AAA The department will consider applicants who resit their qualifications.
Cardiff AAA

We do not accept resits for A-levels (or equivalent) unless you have been successful at interview and accept our offer as your Firm choice.

Glasgow AAA Qualifications must be obtained at the first sitting
KCL A*AA Allows resits
Leeds AAA

Allows one resit attempt 

Liverpool AAA Only with extenuating circumstances
Manchester AAA (A*AA for Resit) Yes but need BBB in first sit
Queen Mary A*AA Only if extenuating circumstances are linked to Equalities Act 2010
Newcastle AAA Only with extenuating circumstances
Plymouth AAA - A*AA Yes but ABB required at first sit
Sheffield AAA Resit allowed


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